Yeah, he’s REALLY sorry.


Here’s Chris Brown proving he’s still taking his brutal beating of his girlfriend VERY seriously. This is just jet ski therapy, you know, where you jump on a jet ski and pretend nothing ever happened and who is to say it ever even did if your girlfriend is getting back with you rather than put your sorry fucking ass in jail and oh well, even if she tried what would it matter because you’re fucking famous and rich and everyone knows, those with cash and influence never pay for their crimes, they skip along while the rest of us live by rules they’ll never have to know, understand or FOLLOW. Man, I wish I could afford Jet Ski Therapy.

No worries, she’s inside probably making him dinner and fixing herself up so he doesnt get pissed again and beat the shit out of her. Way to walk right back into that “door” Rihanna.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on March 3, 2009.

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