Defender Clothes.

So I stumble across This site is nutso, every article of clothing defends you from some sort of threat whether it be stabbing, bullets or just the cold! I’m digging the merch, sweet style.

First – Denim Jacket and sweet mint vest.


“The jacket has a level IIIA bullet-proof lining cleverly sewn into the inside.  Perfect for casual wear this jacket offers all round protection against everything up to, and including, .44 magnum.”  – $660.00
“The vest has a combination of both excellent stopping power and low blunt trauma effect.  The waistcoat can easily be worn under a jacket without anyone being aware of its protective capabilities.  The waistcoat will protect against anything up to a .357 magnum and some .44 magnum rounds.”   – $676.60

Second – The Bulletproof Hoodie and the Basic Black Jacket


“The hoodie has 2mm of Type IIA bulletproofing, enough to stop a 9mm full-metal-jacket round at a velocity of 1,090 feet-per-second.” –  $600.00   *Hood is not bulletproof. Lets hope whoever is shooting at you has NO aim!*

“The Jacket is, without doubt, the best disguised bullet/stab-proof jacket we have ever come across. You won’t find it  anywhere else and you will never find a protective jacket as smart as this one.  The protection levels it offers are quite unheard of in such a light (3 kgs) and discreet jacket. This jacket offers a protection level to NIJ STD 0101.04 level 111A.  The armour protects against 9mm Full Metal Jacket Round Nose (FMJRN) projectiles, with a weight of 8gm (124gr) at 430 m/s. Full Metal Jacket Round Nose (FMJRN) type DM11A1B2 (DN or MEN) projectiles with a weight of 8gm (124gr) at 415m/s. 44 Magnum jacketed Soft Point (JSP) type Norma 11103/61103 projectiles with a weight of 15.6gm (158gr) at 390 m/s. 44 Magnum Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) projectiles with a weight of 15.6gm (240gr) at 430 m/s. Eastern European Tokarev LC 7.62 x 25mm steel core projectile with a weight of 5.5gm at 455 m/s. This jacket also protects against stabs, cuts, slashes with sharp and blunt edged weapons like hypodermic needles, ice picks, knives and broken bottles up to 33 Joules.” – $761.70

Hot Shit. Now, should you not have the money to afford such Defensive gear, you could always try to keep potential attackers at bay with the safest outfit EVER to wear:


Complete with mesh eyeholes should you want to keep the hood zipped for EFFECT.

*Boy Wonder Sidekick NOT included. $74


~ by Mathy Shoots People on March 4, 2009.

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