From Memory? Oh snap.

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Wow. I’m very impressed.


Puppy Cant Seem to Get up!

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Oh my FREAKING GOD that’s adorable.

How I park EVERYDAY at home.

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So Adorable.


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Random Awesome.

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A few random things I’d love to own.

First, in the name of Spring:

Lilypad umbrella via Plasticland. SO ADORABLE. I’d feel like Thumbelina.
Umbrellas for the Civil but discontent Man via LikeCool. I just really dig the sword handles. I know a couple uber nerds who’d die for these.

Chandeliers are always a wonderful option. I have no clue where I found the first one (I tend to sit on pictures) and the second one is $400 from Pottery Barn. I’d never pay that much but DAMN its cute.

LOVE this shelf. I’m all about Pulse Lines. Too hot. I’m loving the green edge.

Wax On. Wax Off?

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New Jersey’s Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling is considering a proposal to ban Brazilian bikini waxes.

Crazy right?

Apparently there were TWO women who complained of injuries sustained from wax jobs that put them in the hospital so the board is now making the serious decision. Waxing your crotch has actually always been illegal in the state but the statute wasn’t explicitly spelled. This proposal will make it blatantly clear by outright banning waxing of your genital areas. The board is set to meet, and vote on the ban on Brazilians, on April 14th.

If you live in Jersey you might want to book one before then…might be gone for a long time.

I personally find this a bit ridiculous. Ain’t no one telling me I cant wax if I want to wax. I suppose I’d just drive into NY once every 2 months to get it done. Sounds like the only logical idea to me. Or burn down where the vote will be held. That would work too.

Comics Archetype Times Table.

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Just in case you needed to know what a Zombie Platypus looks like. Or a Lincon TRex for that matter.