I need things…such as a book necklace.

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They run about $50 bucks a piece – sort of a steal considering they’re all made by hand. You can write on the pages (although who writes that small?!) and they’re absolutely breathtaking to look at.

I LOVE the 11book necklace. Too gawdy for my neck but I know a few bookworms who would die to have it.



Todays Random Captivating Photos

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Water on Lens Exhibition in Londan:


Red Dust Covered Sydney last week:

SydneyRedDustStorm-9-09SydneyRedDustStorm-9-09 (4)

Pride by Tait Simpson (taken at Gay Pride Parade this year)

Pride-Tait Simpson

Bansky Back At It.

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I could weigh in on my view but I think we all get what he’s trying to say. Prepackaged angst? Have we forgot what the point of Graffiti is in the first place?

I know I say I just shit my pants a lot but this time I’m for REALZ.

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World, please let me introduce you to my new ultimate fantasy – Courier by Microsoft.

Courier Fo Realz!

Yes I am well aware that Apple will be releasing a completely user friendly version of this at or around the same time but this is the first picture I was able to see – consider me sold.

Read details at:  Here (gizmodo).

McDonalds is like Herpes.

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We all got some but we lie about the concentration. I see you Maine, look at how many McDonalds are shoved into your little state…have you no dignity?!


I want, I want, I WANT.

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Nice little smokeless, woodless fire for my house.

Too Hot To Hande. ❤


My sister might like this a little too much…

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Apparently in Utah (Black Island Farms Corn Maze) they’ve made two corn mazes for Halloween. Team Edward and Team Jacob mazes. When will the twilight mania end?! Maybe I need to read a book and then I’ll be sucked into the excitement but the movie was highly unimpressive and made me feel old. Really old. Like I shouldn’t be watching it because it was meant for 14 year olds and I was creepy for doing so. Seriously, I watched it alone at my house…

Anyway, she’d love it. Open Sept 24th through Oct 31. Enjoyyyy.