Diddy puts the LIAR in “I own a private jet.”

Just wanted to follow up with what a piece this guy is. It’s hilarious really…

Someone stomp on his face. Do the world a favor, kidnap him and then throw him into a volcano somewhere, thats the only way we can get rid of him.

Remember the rant he gave about owning a private jet and how our gas crisis has really hit an all time high because even he, the untouchable Diddler, was feeling the unreasonably high cost of gas? Well turns out that piece of crap doesn’t even own a private jet.

yep. soak it in. relish in this.

Federal aviation records do not show him as the registered owner of ANY private jet – there is apparently a list of everyone who owns a plane in the US and his name isn’t on it. The Doodler’s mouthpiece says that he has “fractional” ownership in some company that rents out private jets by the hour.

Did anyone tell this guy that just because you rent out a private jet from a company apart from yourself that it doesn’t mean you OWN the plane? Not even for a minute Puffyface, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I mean by this logic, EVERYONE who rents a car from Hertz actually owns them. That’s neat.

Oh…and you’re music sucks and your hideous face makes me avoid MTV at all costs for fear of landing on your show and being forced to watch people take turns going down on you doing stupid “challenges” to prove their worthy of following around the biggest egomaniac of our GENERATION! Here’s a good challenge for you: Just line em up in front of a mirror and see who can stand there staring at themselves for the longest while you slap them in the back of the knees with a big stick and play “Cant Nobody Hold Me Down” on repeat. Last one to break down into hysterics wins. That should let you know who is on your level Diddy-bag.

Young, black and famous with money hangin’ out the anus”    <~~ Really? REALLY?! I think two of those adjectives are more of a matter of opinion to be honest.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on September 10, 2008.

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